USS Jakarta

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The U.S.S. Jakarta, an Akira Class Starship attached to Task Force 47-B "The Minutemen" part of Obsidain Fleet.

According to apocryphal legend, Sir Ernest Shackleton, a noted Antarctic explorer, placed the following advertisement in London newspapers while seeking personnel for his 1912 Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition:


You'd think nobody would respond to that. But thousands did.

So it is, even centuries later. An ad for a new starship might well promise something similar in 2388:

"Officers and enlisted personnel sought for hazardous patrols along the Federation's borders. Small wages, lack of amenities, high likelihood of combat, constant danger. Even chance of safe return. Honor and recognition in case of success."

That starship is the USS Jakarta, NCC-72891, an Akira-class starship under construction at Utopia Planitia shipyards and seeking officers and crew. A starship built for combat, the vast majority of her officers and enlisted personnel will share cramped quarters; all personnel will gather in rank-segregated messes for meals, as replicators are not present in quarters. Needed personal uniforms and equipment get issued by the quartermaster, not replicated yourself. Naval customs and traditions are observed with greater faithfulness than might normally be expected. There are no civilians regularly aboard, and families are left at the ship's home port. And did we mention that her intended primary patrol area is the tense Romulan Neutral Zone?

--- USS Jakarta (NCC-72891) is a Play-by-Web simulation in Obsidian Fleet's Task Force 47, Task Group 47B "Minutemen", utilizing Nova 1.2 (with potential to upgrade to Nova 2.0 upon release). A ship built to Spartan conditions, her primary mission in the time after the destruction of Romulus is to project Federation power in unstable areas, advancing Federation interests - including, where needed, through the use of force. Led by a CO player with over 15 years of roleplay experience (including GM experience in PBEM, MUSH, and MOO environments) on his first time leading a Star Trek sim, this simulation will in some cases reinterpret what it means to sim Star Trek.

--- Currently seeking players for the following positions:

All senior positions are open!*

All subordinate positions sought as well, including:

Squadron CO (3X) for Aerospace (CAG will act as the 4th Squadron CO) Marine Platoon Leader (rank minimum: 2LT) for Marine Platoon not commanded by the MCO or MXO.

*Executive Officer post has additional OOC requirements, related to the OOC duties related to the position. Inquire with the CO for more information. --- Further information:

Setting: At sim start, date is projected to be June or July 2388, 7 to 8 months' after the Destruction of Romulus..

Obsidian Fleet Cadet Academy may be required of players upon application, at CO's discretion.

Further details will be provided by the CO upon joining or on request from the Task Group Commanding Officer (myrkul (at) uss-ragnarok (dot ) com.

--- The website is; while it's not the most polished thing in the world, it pretty much does what I want it to do, but will be continuously updated.


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