High Adventure in the Inner Kingdoms

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Costs: free
Frequency: x3/week + supplemental
Email: graphalfkor@gmail.com
Type: ad&d 1st edition pbem
Last-Update: 2011May17
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, www, human, fantasy, rpg


In the prominent kingdom Nyr, high adventure, glory and fame awaits the embolden kindred spirits that crave the fruits of life and desire to drink of the pleasures of the world.

You've been summoned via clandestine channels. Some found a vellum scroll placed in their belongings, others among you have been magically summoned, and others by carrier falcon. The summons leads you to a waypoint station highly popularized by the most prosperous of merchant lords: the Boardshead Inn, situated just a week east of Lor, the ancient city of three towers.

You gain the Inn relatively unscathed minus a heavy downpour. Immediately you find the roadside establishment to your liking: beautiful buxom barmaids, clean rooms, hospitable host of an Innkeeper and his numerous family, and even an elf or three in the eclectic crowd. Peppering the throng of revelers and patrons are a few shady looking folk, but most are farmers or merchants and locals. The most dangerous perhaps are the bored looking mercenaries who have taken to the drink rather than the sword.

You are approached by a thin, tired looking man with a weathered face and sullen eyes. He bades you to follow him, and leads you to a set of double doors upstairs. Once you arrive there, you see an average height human with black hair and eyes, his entire form enveloped in shadow-froth cloak and hood. Next to him a battle maiden, beautiful and difficult to keep one's eyes off of. Her effect is potent, and her spell irritably challenging to ward off. Only your wit and iron will allow you to stave off the effects of her mighty beauty.

The two open the door and bade you enter, and within you are greeted by a man with a undeniable charm. He is tall and possesses discerning intelligent eyes, a handsome visage as well as an aura of a commander of men. "Lord Daynar" he is introduced by a cowled mage at his right. Daynar smiled then, saying "And my hammer, Aronis Tenspells" he says. The magic-user nods solemnly, pulsating blue eyes scanning the room for anything out of place or uninvited.

"It is time then" Daynar says emphatically.

Join me for a ongoing, intriguing, and potentially riveting ad&d pbem where your choices matter, your background isn't wasted and your vision can take form.


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