Solaris VII

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Frequency: 2 - 4 per week, depends on number of players
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: science fiction
Last-Update: 2011May08
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space


Congratulations to this years champion, Sean Ratcliff from the Rolling Aces stable, we hope to see you defend your title as Grand Champion next year.

Solaris VII is in need of more stables for its games. Solaris VII Gaming Commission is accepting all applications from stable owners with a BattleMech and a Mechwarrior. We need to ensure that the games will continue on in the off season.


It's been several years since I've run any PBeMs, but I've got the urge to get back into it, so I'm going to start with some Classic BattleTech action. Visit the website, refurbished from it's original creation (even did a little spell checking). I will only accept 4 to 6 players. Any more might over whelm me as I do have other obligations. I intend to post as often as possible to keep the matches moving as fast as possible. Because of the nature of the game, several posts will be required just to complete a single turn, but it can mean several posts in a single day if both player and GM are on at the same time and both have time to devote to the game. The website covers all the rules the will govern this game, though knowledge of Classic BattleTech is a requirement for playing this game as I really only cover the Quarter Scale rules that most people will not have (Solaris VII game box was out for a short time and is not even listed on the Classic BattleTech site as Out Of Print).


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