Grumpy Old Men

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Frequency: 3-5 times per week
Type: old school fantasy role-playing by email
Last-Update: 2011Apr30
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg


Seeking additional players for a 1st edition D&D campaign. You are smart, genial, literate, highly-educated, have a life and social skills, and enjoy playing with same. We're actually not uniformly grumpy, nor old, nor men. We prefer older players (35+) but will make an exception if you like early 80s pop music. No players who prefer playing chaotic or evil characters, please; we deal with enough of those in real life.

Campaign: By aesthetic and moral inclination, we're high fantasy Tolkien buffs, but we've decided to give a swords & sorcery, weird science fantasy setting a try, with the baroque oddness and ethical ambiguity this entails, but also with the understanding that the PCs will try to carve out pockets of light and law amidst the chaos, and that our collective storytelling will cause a coherent world to emerge through play. (This preference is partly because we just concluded a 3-year long tightly scripted high fantasy campaign with detailed histories, geography, involved narrative arcs, etc., and this time around the DM doesn't want to invest the time building the world and its fullness beforehand.) So we'll begin with a dangerous frontier, a nearby hole in the ground, a few hints at the badnesses beyond--essentially, a Keep on the Borderlands with gleeful ripoffs from Moorcock, Harrison, Howard, Face in the Frost, Lovecraft, Hodgson, Gene Wolfe, several old school bloggers, etc. thrown in--and take it from there.

The system will be Labyrinth Lord (available as free download) with some house rules and five classes (three new) to choose from: Fighter, Thief, Mentalist (psionic powers generate spellcasting effects), Mutant (physical mutations give extra powers), and Warlock (summons elementals, demons, spirits to do his or her bidding).

Planning to start this summer. If interested, please send us an introduction telling us about yourself and your interests (


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