For glory and gold.

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Costs: ?? Wasn't aware some people charged to play d&d. No cost.
Frequency: Wednesday and saturday.
Type: D&D 3.5
Last-Update: 2011Apr25
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, www, human, fantasy, rpg


Adventuring can be a tiring unrewarding profession at times, fraught with perils, starvation and disease. Compared to that, being a caravan guard was a vacation. There was always plenty to eat and drink, good music, good company. There was the odd brazen bandit, but compared to the horrors of the undead these hooligans were little more than a nuisance. Your employer Tannon Resources incorporated has generously compensated you for the time spent protecting their supply lines, though the road behind was predictable and lacking the adrenaline fueled romanticism and heroics of your usual work, one can hardly complain with being healthy, wealthy and rested. The hot sun parched soil of day gives way to the cool damp pitch of night. Your canteen holds sweet relief, cleansing the dry trail dust of today's ride from your throat with clean crisp water. The caravan of nearly two hundred Tannon employees' trudges on slowly by torch light as they near their next scheduled campground. A small grove marks the entrance to a fissure in the mountain, a shortcut that Tannon Resources has exploited for several years and a path you have used dozens of times without incident. Tonight the grove is packed with weary travelers. A paladin in his full gleaming plate armor stands a proud vigil at the entrance to the fissure. He warns pilgrims and other travelers of rockslides ahead, and though he does not deny anyone access to the road, he remains to serve as a cautious reminder to be alert at all times. (This is a d&d 3.5 homebrew campaign with character starting level 15th, 100,000 starting gold. You may think that is being generous, but your travels ahead could carry a heavy toll. Very open to anything contained within the 3.5 manuals.)


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