Tribe Net TN2

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Costs: $Aus 6.00 per turn average
Frequency: once per 2 weeks
Email: [ok]
Type: build strategy wargame
Last-Update: 2011Apr23
Keywords: commercial, open-ended, email, mixed, historical, wargame, abstract


Tribe Net is a turn based, multiplayer PBEM strategy game that has been running since 1997. It is an open-ended game of diplomacy, build, trade and war set in the richly detailed world spanning five continents. Tribe Net is not restricted to a particular historical or cultural period (for example, from the outset you have Stone Axes alongside Iron Breast Plates) though it is grounded in the historical stages of Europe and Asia starting from Stone Age, through the Roman period, and into C18 Europe. You control the fate and fortune of what initially is a Clan of nomads as they try to carve out an Empire. The central elements of Tribe Net are strategic thinking and positioning, tactical planning, political alliance and military and economic development.

Please bear in mind that nothing substitutes for a few turns of play in the cauldron of human motivations and interests. To this end, the first six turns are given free, so that you can make a considered assessment of whether Tribe Net is for you.

If you have played Civilisation and Diplomacy you will get something of the idea of Tribe Net by combining some of the central elements of these games. Tribe Net is neither a pure build game, nor is it a war game, it is somewhere between. By straddling the line between building and war gaming, Tribe Net allows a range of choices about what to do with one's Tribe and how to approach the game (and other players) that are not available in either straight building games or straight war games.

Straight war games have the war going on when you start, or you are constrained by geographical factors (for example, Diplomacy). This means that the reasons for political tensions or war are often imposed rather than stemming from your own interests and motivations or your failure to negotiate your way out of trouble.


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