Star Trek: USS Acheron

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Costs: Free
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Type: Star Trek
Last-Update: 2011Apr04
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Are you tired of cookie-cutter Trek games with the same bland characters repeated over and over again? Lord knows I was, that's why I started Star Trek. Star Trek follows the crew of the USS Acheron, one of the last Constitution class starships in the Federation Fleet, a fleet being replaced by the larger, newer Enterprise Class.

This is a game that takes place in the New Timeline set up in the latest Star Trek movie and begins its story one year after the events of the film. The Federation stands on the weakest of terms with the Romulan Empire following the incident and it is seen by nearly everyone as only a matter of time before war begins again. But beyond the quarrels of Starfleet and the Romulans is the growing threat posed by the Klingons, and too the rising power of the Nausicaan's and their controlled worlds.

Starfleet stands on the brink of Galactic war, the choices made by the commanders and officers of the fleet will decide not only the course of the Federation, but the history of the entire Galaxy.

If you want open-ended, character driven, writer friendly Role-Playing then look no further then Star Trek. This is a group where the story of each writer is king and where originality is paramount. Join Star Trek for the adventure you've been looking for, and the environment you thought was lost for PBEM's long ago.

...Or stay on the lame -rehashes of what has been done to death. On the character-romance centered games that seem to pollute every Star Trek RPG website these days.

I always worry I am going to come off as arrogant when I write one of these so they always come off kind of bland. Sorry if I sounded a bit full of myself (and of my game) but it's pretty awesome, so I thought I'd risk it ;)

I am currently looking for a Chief Security Officer after losing our last to a battle with Romualn soldiers, as well as Chief Navigational and Chief Operations Officers. All assistant chief positions (save engineering) are also available.

Join Now! You won't regret it!


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