USS Brisingr

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You sit at your chair as you input commands to the console. On the viewscreen, you can see the plasma storm thunder away, as your fingers continue to meet the cold touch of the panel. You hear the computer chirping, acknowledging every input you make.

As you look up at the viewscreen you take a deep breath, taking in the sterile, steely air of the ship. The same air that a thousand other people on board were breathing. This was the moment you have been waiting for. Your hand hovers over the button, rearing to press it. This is it. The lives of a million people are in the balance.

That button could be the launch sequence of a probe, ready to unearth the medical discoveries and scientific breakthroughs of a new planet, or it could be the firing mechanism for a spread of quantum torpedoes aimed at a Borg Cube bent on assimilating the universe.

The USS Brisingr is an Excalibur class starship, operating out of Horizon Fleet, and looking for excellent writers for its crew. People such as yourself.

We have plenty of positions to go around, such as (but not limited to):

Chief Medical Officer Chief Engineer Chief Tactical/Security Officer Chief Science Officer

It's time. Choose your poison.


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