Roman Imperium

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Costs: No Cost
Frequency: Game advances one year every two weeks
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Roman political game
Last-Update: 2011Apr01
Keywords: free, free-moderation, open-ended, www, human, historical, wargame, economic, rpg


What is Roman Imperium...

Roman Imperium is a Roleplaying Scenario based game, where players play characters from Rome in 200bc. Roman Imperium begins after Sextus Petronius has ascended to the throne of Emperor and thus has begun the first emperor of Rome. Players will note that nothing is certain in Roman Imperium, players will be challenged with events emanating from the actions they choose...

Role playing can be done either on site or through other methods such as ICQ, or MSN Messenger. Roleplaying is a key part of gaming and continually roleplaying will advance your character and potential events that come up.

Scenarios are also very important, what are Scenarios I here you ask...Scenarios are player written stories that detail battles players feelings and there actions within the game, Scenarios are the more fun side to the game, where players can pretend to authors of there own destiny.

Players can be Senators, Generals or Diplomats but in the dog eat dog world of Roman politics, even your friend can be your fiercest rival.

In summary Roman Imperium is a play by post roleplaying scenario based game, where players live out there Roman lives. Almost anything is possible in Roman Imperium. The game suits all types of players from those who love roleplaying to those who love writing stories Roman Imperium will keep you rapt for many hours. I invite you all to take a look and I hope you decide you want to join, and live the life of a true Roman and maybe ascend to the highest office.


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