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Costs: Free
Frequency: organic, finds its own pace
Email: chaugnurfaugn@yahoo.co.uk
Type: Modern era RPG
Last-Update: 2011Mar22
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, human, modern, rpg


You wake up to find yourself lying on a cold hard floor. You have no memory of anything before this point other than snippet recollections of your past. Nothing immediate.

You're inside some kind of huge dome filled with grey buildings. Your ankles and wrists are bound with strange metal hoops furnished with flashing lights. There are others nearby, also lying down, also bound with the same wrist and ankle cuffs.

Powerful halogens in the hemispherical roof illuminate the place, but you can't see any doors or windows in the bulkhead of the dome. There seem to be doors in some of the buildings, big metal things, similar in appearance to submarine doors. The buildings don't seem to have windows either.

Nearby is a circular pool surrounded by a low retaining wall. The mast of a submersible looms out of the water. As you're coming round you see the hatch on top closing. Froth bubbles around the edge of the sub and it lowers into the water then disappears. A horizontal steel door closes over the pool and shuts tight with a loud clang.

The cuffs binding you beep and spring open, allowing free movement.

A quick inventory reveals that you're dressed in black combat fatigues, bullet proof jacket under a cargo vest with lots of pockets; cargo trousers and heavy boots.

Nearby is a black backpack (empty), one for each characer. On your head is a comm headset attached to a three channel transceiver with battery. In your pocket is a gizmo, like a mobile phone, that shows a display with a map of the buildings within the dome, doors into the buildings seem to be marked and there's a clock that says 12:00am. There are three buttons next to the display marked: PA, PL and DL.

A klaxon sounds. The halogens dim then brighten again. From somewhere in the dome you hear an echoing click...


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