Bellow's Fog

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Costs: Free
Frequency: 3+ per week
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: post-apocalyptic, play-by-post, cyber-punk
Last-Update: 2011Mar15
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, space, rpg, abstract


Bellow's Fog, a post-apocalyptic cyber punk play-by-post game with sci-fi and fantasy aspects. The setting is in a future vision of the city of Boston, MA, USA.

An excerpt from our history:

August 15th 2150CE saw Elliot's first return to Earth where he landed in Boston, Massachusetts. He carried with him the potent mixture, to which his name would be forever linked. He had no true intention of releasing his invention, but he was excited to reclaim his good, and hoped that this might help gain him forgiveness from those who still thought his work to be depraved. In a speech which has become synonymous with apocalypse, Bellow reflected on his year in solitude with care and articulation that had been lacking from the scientists since his re-emergence. He explained that he was beginning to forgive those who persecuted him, and that all he, and the scientific community wanted, was acceptance. Such was not to come, instead, a renegade vigilante, a Lilith Brown (wife to Lt Brown who'd brought the whole situation to light), shot and killed Bellow. As his body slumped from the podium, his arm swept across it's top, and in the process, knocked over a green vial which was tightly packed with the minute-life forms. (See Bellow's Stand for more information about his final moments, as well as details on the speech and what could've been done to prevent this catastrophe.)

The man hadn't realized the power of the thing he'd created, however - as the Fog took on a life of it's own. It spread across the continent with alarming swiftness, passing hundreds of miles in hours, only to continue with growing speed as if feeding off of its freedom from the tiny capsule it called home. It reproduced at a rate comparable only to the colloquialism of rabbits - and even that didn't come close to doing it justice. The clouds rolled outward from the epicenter of Boston. Destruction came via the nervous system - each tiny particle acting as a single soldier meant to destroy an integral part of the cerebral cortex, and in turn, shut down the brain. Death was quick in these initial days, usually resulting from tremors and then seizures.

Those who had means of travel fled to the Lunar Colony. Ships that were not approved where systematically shot down by the scientists who feared being overrun. Six weeks later the only people alive were those who lived on the moon. All they could do was watch as Bellow's Fog spread over the earth, killing off any and all in it's path. It was to the scientists that power went, and they maintained control through strict guidelines. People who questioned their authority went missing.

Join us as we re-colonize planet earth!


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