Classic fantasy game, each player goes solo

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Costs: your time and nerves
Frequency: every 2 days
Type: fantasy
Last-Update: 2011Mar05
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, www, human, fantasy, rpg


Players will have character sheets limited to several statistics, which I will provide when they describe their characters in writing. I will combine this world common sense, knowledge of game world reality, and a few dice rolls when returning to players results of their actions, and reward good role playing.

Players will compete with each other and if they meet in the game world they may choose to fight, or make some kind of a temporary deal, as they all have the same goal, and that goal is not to kill all others, but to find a little something. There will be no teaming-up, but if character can provide it, they may have some kind of a NPC following, which will be as reliable as strangers whom you ask/pay to risk their lives for you generally are.

We shall play a turn each 48 hrs or so. I will describe you a situation, possible challenges, and so on, and player should answer with plan of action After that I think about it, check the adventure, roll some dices, and than describe his/her updated position, and so on, as long player is not dead, wins, or some other player wins. Only you will see your characters mailings, and I will publish all when we end. Nothing will be played out at this location, but you shell check it out sometimes for news and announcements.

The game world will be a classic medieval fantasy, but with no other races except humans available for playing, and with limited magic. Players are invited to create some standard nonspell characters, as fighters, leaders, rogues, thieves, scholars, monks, professionals, rangers, etc. I tend to use RoleMaster when referring to professions, spells, levels, and so. Knowing anything about it is not a requirement at all.


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