Return to Ravenloft / A Second Expedition to the Barrier Peaks

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Return to Ravenloft/ A Second Expedition to the Barrier Peaks

In the spirit of the many offerings in the last few years offering a return to old favorites, I am looking for players interested in a return to Ravenloft, or would like to undertake a second expedition to the Barrier Peaks.

Return to Ravenloft: The Vampire Strahd still reigns in Barovia from Castle Ravenloft. An ancient prophecy has been rediscovered detailing the coming of a lord of darkness, and an angel of light - the White Raven. The Knights of the Raven are excited by the new developments and see a chance to defeat Strahd once and for all. A call goes out for brave warriors and wizards - to find the White Raven and set Barovia free.

The campaign will be 3.5 edition, but not set in the Demiplane of Dread. Characters will start at 6th level.

A Second Expedition to the Barrier Peaks: For years, the mysterious cave near Geoff has been quiet. The first expedition failed, but did put an end to the monsters that were plaguing the duchy. Now, though, new lights have been seen up on the peaks. It is feared that the dangers will begin again.

The campaign will be 3.5 edition. Character will be 10th level. It will take the characters back to the barrier peaks - and beyond.

If you wish to take part in either campaign, please send an e-mail to


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