Meeting Engagement

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Costs: none
Frequency: 3 sets of email per turn over 2-3 weeks
Type: sci-fi capital ship war game
Last-Update: 2011Feb18
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, human, space, wargame


Meeting Engagement (sci-fi capital ship war game)


The Terran Overlord Government's 7544th Mochov Battleship Squadron was performing a routine training sweep of an uninhabited star system near the Commonwealth border, not expecting contact with the enemy. After clearing the ecliptic, the Mochov picked up an enemy squadron on its sensors. Seeing that he was facing the enemy on roughly equal terms, the TOG squadron commander made his bid for glory. The Renegade Legions' 342nd Squadron was performing a similar mission, and Navarchos Wilbert Lexington chose to join battle.

TOG Leviathans move through deep space seeking enemies of the empire. Kilometers in length, these colossal warships carefully maneuver like the Dreadnoughts of old to maximize fire power. Their opponents do the same, circling in a slow, sinister dance that covers kilometers. The order of attack is given, and the fate of star systems is decided.


Meeting Engagement is a science fiction, human-moderated, multi-player, PBEM war game incorporating Squadron Strike 3D movement rules with Leviathan. It is tactically rich and chain of command has a game mechanical meaning. It is an N-blind game with limited communications between ships controlled by individual players. Players are to act as ship captains, interceptor command commanders and maybe even flag admirals sending and receiving communications, giving orders to their crews, squadrons, and subordinate units (played by other players).

This scenario is for sixteen players randomly assigned to their squadron and ship. In this scenario, each side has 4 Destroyers, 2 Frigates, a Cruiser and a Battleship. A turn will require 3 sets of email and maybe two weeks real-world time once in a groove. That will cover 3 phases and 5 minutes of in-game time. There will be a 1-2 week setup period once player recruitment is complete.

Leviathan is a game that simulates combat between the huge battleships, other capital ships, and swarms of interceptor squadrons that make up the main strength of the interstellar navies of the Terran Overlord Government and the Commonwealth with their Renegade Legion allies. Leviathan is one of a series of out of print (OOP) science fiction war games under the name Renegade Legion* produced by FASA circa 1990.

Squadron Strike (SS) is a set of flexible miniature rules for space combat simulating 3D movement. It's tagline: "Any Ship. Any Universe. Fully 3D." It is designed by Ken Burnside and is currently available through SS is not required to participate. I highly recommend buying any of their games. For those familiar with Squadron Strike, this game uses Mode 1 movement and no Action Points (as well as elements of Crew Rate and Fighter Operations).

Game Length

Combat continues until all of one side's ships are destroyed or have broken off the engagement.

Victory Bonus Calculations A unit left behind during a disengagement gives 125% of its total boxes to the other side in points.

+50% for not losing any capital ship while having destroyed more tonnage than opponent side.

+25% for not losing frigates, cruiser, or battleship while having destroyed more tonnage than opponent side.

+15% for having destroyed more tonnage than opponent but not met +50% and +25% conditions above.

+10% for destroying opponent's battleship.

* Centurion: Blood and Steel (grav tank and bounce infantry ground combat)

Interceptor: First Line of Defense (space fighter combat)

Leviathan: Ships of the Line (capital ship combat)

Prefect: Assault from the Stars (solar system and planetary invasion)

Legionnaire (role playing game)


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