The Magic Torn Land.

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Costs: Zero!!!!
Frequency: Once Per Week - Minimum
Type: Fantasy RPG - Free form
Last-Update: 2011Feb12
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The Mage Torn Land


Patriarch Byrran, King of the Land of Myradan sat in his tent content, smiling and quite pleased with himself, with what he was about to achieve. He closed his eyes and took a sip of his specially imported Elven wine and savoured the mixture of sweetness and bitterness as it crossed his tongue.

When he opened his eyes again one of his servants was bowing before him. A slim fellow with signs of sweat from running. "Speak" announced the Patriarch as he placed his goblet down. "Sire, it's nearly complete, it is time to address your people." The Patriarch nodded and the servant left. He stood up, picked up his gold sceptre with a large dragon flame ruby in its top and walked over to the mirror, he checked himself to see if he looked as perfect as ever. Then with a quick word and a wave of his sceptre his royal cloak floated across the room and settled onto his shoulders. He took one final glance in the mirror and shouted "Captain, it is time".

The Captain a mountain of a man encased in the finest polished steel, held back the tent door for the Patriarch to exit. The Captain and four guards escorted the Patriarch past the crowd of humans, dwarves, elves and others, the Pariah all the time waving whether they were clapping or booing him. The Patriarch reached the pedestal and took a long look at the large group of Mages chanting and gesturing behind him, then turned to his people.

"People of Myradan, this is a time for rejoicing! I know times have been hard but never again! I, your Patriarch have hired Mages to create my legacy, twelve portals to the twelve most important places in the world! Trade and transport (and conquest he thought to himself) will be far easier and quicker and wealth with it!" The Patriarch paused to breath, a voice rang out from an elderly elf in the crowed, and "That much magic in one place is too dangerous and too unstable!" The Patriarch just ignored the comment as one of his spies in the crowd silenced the elf permanently. The Patriarch heard the queue words murmured by the wages, he smiled and took a deep breath and then shouted "OUR TIME IS NOW!"

At that moment a large purple and green swirling portal appeared behind him with a loud CRACK! The portal was at least 18 ft in diameter with sparks of magic shooting off in all directions. The Patriarch turned stepped forward with a great confidence and sense of achievement as this had been repeated in eleven other primary countries at exactly the same time. He strode towards the tablet with eleven symbols on it each representing another place. He touched the first one it glowed blue and the portal changed to a deep blue colour. He turned to his people "I will be gone for just a few seconds and I will return with a gift from the Patriarch of the Darundan"

He now felt a little nervous but he knew he could not show it, he had been assured by the mages it would be safe for someone to travel between countries. He strode forward but as he got within a few feet of the portal, his Sceptre started sparking and glowing. A hum started to build up, Louder and Louder, the people started to step back, the Patriarch panicked and tried to run but he could not move. He looked at the mage who advised him through the process he was stood with his Captain they smiled as they disappeared into the ether followed by the ten summoning mages. He knew he had been betrayed, he knew that he had been greedy hording all treasure he could, but did he deserve this? Then with a sudden "BOOM"! It was over, The Patriarch looked around, nothing seems to have happened, then he saw it, the crowd started changing, into daemons, creatures, mutants and worse. He slowly and turned to his hand and saw the sceptre melt into his body, the ruby slid down his arm towards the centre of his chest. He felt pain as his form changed. Out of the ether his captain reappeared with eleven robed figures wearing the symbol of the Abyss God. "Well `Sire' this is the punishment we place on you and for stealing and abusing our magic, for treating us as slaves and tools just to feed your greed. Your people are being punished too as they just stood by, the never challenged you or revolted. Now you will now be my guard, my new pet!" He laughed as the now newly formed golden figure of a Minotaur bowed towards him. The Captain turned "Now brothers let us see what other fruit this wild magic has brought us...."


Ever thought what would happen if magic was let loose across Middle Earth, Krynn or any other Fantasy Realm? Anything can happen and probably will..... I am looking for adult creative writers who have a thirst for fantasy adventure no picky people just people with imagination. I need around 4-6 people any questions let me know. I will need in your first email: 1. Characters name and Nick Name 2. Physical description 3. Any fears and weaknesses (Must have at least 2!) 4. Greatest Strength 5. Character history.


You are in a very typical Fantasy world similar to Krynn, Middle Earth and so on. It is now just a week after the Land of Wild Magic was created and the Twelve Brothers of the Abyss God Darech God of Death and the End time named themselves rulers of Myradan and have already sent out war parties to try and subdue the surrounding areas. You are in one of the outer areas having a meal in a local Inn when a wealthy merchant come to your table and ask you if for a thousand gold, venture to his house in the East of Myradan to see what had happened to his family.


This is a purely free form where the characters will react in response to your characters actions. I will be emailing once a week but I will do more if the opportunity arises. I would need an email at least once per week from you with a minimum of two paragraphs. I will send you further details of the situation and rules once you have been accepted. One thing to know when you enter the Land of Wild Magic, all magic can be unpredictable,( stronger the magic the riskier it will be), this includes magic items and a Clerics gifts as this is now the land of Darech. Please keep this in mind if you want to give your character any magical items to start!


Alignment - any as long as it works with other characters Level - No need for levels,

Fighters - any sort of background / type accepted Rogues- any sort of background / type accepted Mages- any sort of background / type accepted, but must have a specialist area e.g . necromancy, conjuration, ect... Clerics- Good only, dedicated to The God of Existence and purity Freleorah.


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