Critical Collapse

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Costs: 0/turn
Frequency: one per day,week etc.
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Economic war game
Last-Update: 2011Jan31
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, www, human, modern, wargame, economic, opensource


Critical Collapse is still in its Alpha stage, the game and all of its contents are Open Source, this way it is owned by all people.

This prototype is the precursor to an MMOG "Massive Multiplayer Online Game" and I am sure it will go through many iterations with help.

Critical Collapse is a game that all the players, a few, one or even no one can win at. One will find many similarities to other strategy board games, computer sim games, role-playing games and even real life games, so in this respect Critical Collapse is not unique, and yet each gaming session is quite unique. Each player assumes the role of the entire government of a nation, setting the direction and attitude of the nation they are creating. Game play elements include; Sponsored and Independent Foreign Aid, Intelligence and Counter Intelligence Operations, Technical, Economic and Military Research, Economic System dynamics, World Market, Open and Private Markets, Ecological and Global Disasters and Solutions, Strategic Warfare, Politics, Thievery and Diplomacy.

Critical Collapse is not a game for everyone, not because it is difficult or complex, which in many ways it is, and not because it is time consuming (a game session can last from a few hours to days), but because it attempts to teach social, environmental, and moral lessons we face in our world today and one that we face within ourselves everyday. For this reason Critical Collapse is not for everyone, but maybe it should be, because the lessons could change the world as we know it and ourselves in the process. Of course many players of Critical Collapse will have fun with the game, which it was designed to do also, lessons or no lessons learned.

The lessons Critical Collapse attempts to teach are unique for each individual. Each individual may have similarities with their understanding, but they are personal, introspective and reflective. One thing for certain is that one experiences a change within themselves usually after the first gaming session. So again, just what is Critical Collapse? It is a game about the present danger we find ourselves in now with Global Warming, Wars, Famine, Disease etc. It is a game about how we got into this dangerous position, and how we are going to solve it if we can (in game mechanics not real World solutions, however hopefully it will provoke new ideas toward real solutions).


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