USS Solstice

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Type: Star Trek: Enterprise-themed simm
Last-Update: 2011Jan14
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Episode One: Safe Haven

The USS Solstice has been loaded up with equipment and supplies destined for a small archaeology expedition on Heliokan, where ruins from an ancient, unknown civilization have been discovered. Unfortunately for those at the dig-site, new orders have forced a detour, and the delivery of the supplies will have to wait.

An Intrepid-type vessel, the USS Haven, has been retrofitted with a new component to its warp propulsion systems, one that might allow it to travel at an increased warp factor with minimal modifications to its existing design. Though this project is the brainchild of the Haven's Chief Engineer and the results are not expected to be dramatic, reports forwarded up the chain have caught the attention of Starfleet's Top Brass, and they've hastily given the green light.

Starfleet has deemed the project secretive enough to test it in a remote area of space, and is apparently too impatient to wait for the proper support vessels to arrive. So, it falls upon the crew of the USS Solstice to look on while the Haven conducts its test of the engine upgrades, and assist in any way they can.

Naturally, little goes according to plan...


We're looking for dedicated writers to portray the officers and enlisted crew serving aboard the USS Solstice. Serving aboard one of the smallest (and slowest) ships in the fleet, we're a different breed... akin to the submariners of centuries past. We possess daring, grit, and a certain degree of madness necessary to undertake lengthy missions cooped up in a glorified tin can.

Top open positions: - Chief of the Boat (may also be a department head) - Chief Science Officer - Chief Medical Officer

Many other positions are also open and waiting to be filled.


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