Task Force 93, CO Opportunities

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Costs: Free
Email: noel.guscott@gmail.com
URL: http://tf93.bravofleet.com [ dead link ]
Type: star trek simulations
Last-Update: 2011Jan09
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, startrek, rpg


Task Force 93 is looking for talented, enthusiastic, active, and some what insane writers to take on the role of Commanding Officers in the new, bold and exciting Task Force 93.

If you're interested, immediately apply here. The ship class of the simulation is also your decision.

Here is a synopsis of the Task Force plot you could be a part of:


Rear Admiral Aves Mooren, a newly promoted Rear Admiral thrown into a familiar setting with a team who has been together longer than many ever dream in Starfleet. Working along side the brave and smart senior staff, they aim to restore peace and order to the Neutral Zone. Of course, it's never as easy as it sounds.

Intergalactic bureaucracy and disappearances along the Neutral Zone are beginning to worry Starfleet Command. Admiral Mooren had been sent to ease tensions along the Neutral Zone, but they are only getting worse. With these recent events, they are causing repercussions throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants that could never have been imagined before. The Klingons are beginning to worry, both of the Neutral Zone activity, the lack of Romulan activity, and of their own neighbors to the south leaving the Federation to attempt to quell the trouble. Near the inner-core frontier, the Cardassian's still weak borders are being fortified as much as possible against border raids, leaving a small Federation detachment to try and keep the peace. But the true center of focus is the Neutral Zone, and yet nothing seems to be happening.

Mooren, her senior staff, and the Task Force itself are left to get to the bottom of this conspiracy. The Romulan Empire is stirring, and yet they seem to be silent. Ships are disappearing seemingly at random and without cause, and the Romulan Empire is calling for further ties with the Federation developed during the Dominion War to be severed. But to what end? Mooren and the Task Force have to sift through conspiracy and find truth in the dirt, and expose a colossal galactic event that could completely change the balance of power in the known galaxy.


Do not hesitate. Discover the mystery. Restore peace. Do what you were born to do, and have fun in a galaxy rife with unrest. Join Task Force 93


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