Fall of Rome

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Costs: $8.95 monthly after free trial
Email: support@kingdomsofarcania.com
Frequency: every 3 days or faster
URL: http://fallofromegame.com [ dead link ]
Type: historical web-based computer moderated wargame
Last-Update: 2011Jan07
Keywords: commercial, closed-ended, www, computer, historical, wargame, gui, economic


WHAT IS FALL OF ROME? * An Engrossing and Uniquely Styled Online Strategy Game Fall of Rome is an intriguing Episodic Strategy Game that provides a rich, unique and nationally award winning gaming experience for adults who are looking for an engaging, interactive diversion on their own terms. Many of our players cut their gaming teeth on multiplayer board games (Risk, Diplomacy, Axis & Allies, etc), war games (Avalon Hill, SPI, etc), or turn-based computer strategy games (Civilization, Heroes of Might & Magic, etc). What we do best of all is combine what you like most in those genres in a new multiplayer game style that overcomes the shortcomings of the games that came before us. * Featuring Terrific Game Play and Strategic Depth Our strategy games feature more than 60 distinctly powerful and important military, political, economic, and covert missions from which you choose more than a dozen each episode and issue to your characters and armies. Opposing you are eleven human opponents, each bent on dreams of glory. You'll send messages easily to many of your rivals and allies through the in-game messaging system. You will strategize and sometimes agonize on the tough choices and finally issue more than a dozen commands each episode that you deem most critical at that time. Issuing commands in our strategy games is a snap with our intuitive interface; the exquisitely devilish part is choosing which commands of all those available you will issue, guided by your strategy, alliances, and the ever-shifting game developments each new turn brings. No boring stuff like lines of supply and repetitive tasks such as resource gathering to dilute the fun in Fall of Rome. * Designed for Adults Episodic Strategy Games are about wits, not twitches. Reflexes mean nothing in Fall of Rome. Our games are the online games for adults that, in some cases, may not like other online games because of the orientation of those "other" games: adolescent, repetitive, time draining, reflex oriented, and dependant upon splashy graphics instead of great game play. Your time is valuable. In Fall of Rome, you'll likely spend an hour or two once every three days planning your strategy and if you choose, negotiating with your eleven human rivals in the game via the in-game messaging system. This is how you determine your character's and kingdom's role in creating the next episode: the decisions you make determine what impact your kingdom will have on the next episode. You then choose the time most convenient for you to "view" the episode in the next 72 hours, as well as to plan your ongoing role in that eagerly anticipated next episode. This means the game serves your schedule, rather than the other way around, as in other types of games. Become immersed in the interactive and challenging fun of being a powerful leader in our world, an experience they will remember and cherish for years. Many former opponents form new friendships with their old adversaries, at least those that proved trustworthy! No store to visit, no lengthy install, no worry of future patches to download. The game is hosted on our dedicated servers, it is always in the current version, and is playable anywhere you have an internet connection: home, office, laptop, friend's house, or hotel. * Critically Acclaimed Find out why the internationally published reviews on our breakthrough strategy games say this: "Heartiest Recommendation!" "Thrilling!", "Outstanding!", "Immersive and addicting!", "Highly Recommended", "Deep game play and great community", "No single strategy dominates", "Surprising sophistication", and "Imagination takes flight", in describing Fall of Rome, from its engrossing game play to its helpful and friendly community of players and company support. Discover a whole new world of strategy games! Click here to find the complete reviews.


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