USS Cerberus

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Costs: free
Frequency: once every two weeks (minimum)
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Star Trek Sim
Last-Update: 2011Jan04
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, startrek


Explore. Discover. Go beyond the farthest reaches of Federation space.

The year is 1800 BC. A group of Mesoamerican people known as the Mayans record look to the heavens. They make astronomical observations, record data, and create extremely accurate calendar that predicted the coming of eclipses and the revolutions of Venus to an error of one day in 6,000 years. The Mayan astronomical observations were carried out by simple measuring methods yet yielded the most accurate astronomical data of any pre-Columbian civilization known to modern man. The Maya were quite accomplished astronomers. Their knowledge, acquired of a course of 3,000+ years, would pass down through the ages of mankind and as mankind continued to develop an insatiable thirst for astronomy, the desire to travel into space grew stronger and stronger.

Fast forward to the year 2387. If the Mayans had only survived and made it to the 24th Century. What great wonders would have awaited them: starships, space stations and outposts, planetary colonies, and unimaginable alien races of all kinds. From humanoid species like the Betazed and Bajorans to cybernetic ones like the Borg, the ancient Mayans would be in sheer awe of the technological advances that made space travel and the discovery of new life forms and civilizations possible. And just think!... We owe it all to their astrological legacy.

Join the crew of the USS Cerberus, a Centaur-Class vessel in Starfleet that's devoted to carrying on the ancient Mayans astrological legacy as it explores, discovers, and goes beyond the farthest reaches of Federation space in an effort to keep contributing to vast body of astrological knowledge attained throughout the millennia and first gathered by the ancient Mayans using the first known telescopes to man.


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