The Blades of Nyr

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Costs: nil
Frequency: x3/per week
Type: Ad&d 1st edition
Last-Update: 2010Nov15
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, www, human, fantasy, rpg


An Ad&d 1st edition campaign

You grew up in the ancient halls of a monastery operated by the equally ancient order of monks known as the Lord's of Discipline who oversaw your tutelage and training. Whilst being an orphan was a difficult thing, you gained a mighty edge after learning to read, write, and most of all a form of body weaponry from the east called Martial Arts.

Possessing no money whatsoever, your life was pretty much laid out for you: You were to gain an apprenticeship with a local outfit, perhaps become a brewer or a shipwright. This suddenly changed in your favor when a secret benefactor had made arrangements for you and your boon companion's continuing education & growth. Attending the royal university in Corealus wherein other vital skills are gained such as calligraphy, cartography, fencing, to more subtle arts of magic or forestry. Before setting off however you and your comrades vow to have a reunion after completing your schooling back at the monastery where you grew up in.

Upon returning to the monastery you detect something is awry, and notice a retinue of black armored soldiers in the front rounding up a small group of children there, placing them in caged wagons with emotionless expressions. You haven't any clue as to who these men serve as they have no standard heraldric device upon them. There are six of the black clad soldiers lying prostate on the ground, a palm print on their chests or abdomens signifying the deadly quivering palm of the master of the east wind, Jor your father figure and guardian.

What happens next is entirely up to you!


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