Windy City Secrets

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Costs: free
Frequency: Post twice a week per character
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: writing group, horror/supernatural, Anita Blake and NWoD style
Last-Update: 2010Nov05
Keywords: free, open-ended, human, email, www, vampire, rpg


Windy City Secrets is an original collaborative writing group/roleplaying game that takes place in Chicago. This game has elements of horror and the supernatural. Inspiration has been taken from many sources including Anita Blake and NWoD. Players will create original characters and create their own personal plot lines. Emphasis is placed on the characters and their interaction with each other.

The Story...

For the last couple of years viral videos of people that were claiming to be vampires and werewolves had been popping up all over the internet. A few months ago, an overzealous reporter outted several American politicians, CEO's, and celebrities as non-human. Instead of attempting to cover the story up the majority of non-human society chose to embrace it. This revelation was earth shattering to most humans, but the U.S. government was prepared for an eventual reveal. The damage was minimized, but there were still plenty of riots and panic.

Chicago has quickly become the non-human capitol of the U.S. It has the largest non-human population in the country. Because of this Chicago has been selected as the proving ground for organizations and government agencies that could help better integrate non-humans and humans. It has also become the headquarters for many anti-supernatural groups and pro non-human groups.

It has been three months since the majority of non-human society revealed themselves. Some humans are still in disbelief, and some non-humans refuse to change their ways. What will your character do? What secrets are still hidden from normal humans?

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