Timeless Fantasy Hockey League

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Costs: None
Email: tfhlcommish@hotmail.com
Frequency: Daily
URL: http://tfhl.freeiz.com/TFHL/ [ dead link ]
Type: Sports, Hockey Simulation, Retro
Last-Update: 2010Oct10
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, www, mixed, modern, historical, sports


The TFHL (Timeless Fantasy Hockey League) is a Retro-Hockey Simulation, presently in the 1980-81 Season of the NHL. Participants of this game will act as the General Manager and Coach of a TFHL Hockey Franchise (example: Toronto Mapleleafs), and will be responsible for Drafting Players, Trading Players, Submitting Lines, Signing Free Agents, Managing Team Finances and so on.

Teams will participate in an 82 game regular season and if they are lucky, playoffs as well. During the course of which players can get injured, suspended and other real-life like hockey situations which will require the General Manager/Coach to deal with.

The TFHL uses the Simon T Hocky Simulator version 1 and its support files for the actual day to day game simulation and the outcome of games is based entire on random computer generated outcome based on a complex formula using generated player stats.

TFHL - http://tfhl.freeiz.com/TFHL/


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