The Armageddon Plague

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Frequency: 1 per week to 1 per day
Email: [ok]
Type: Zombie horror strategy
Last-Update: 2010Oct07
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, modern, economic, rpg


The government called it the N5-17 virus. DARPA called it Archangel. The media - before they ceased to exist - called in the Armaggedon Plague. But the common people called it what it was - the zombie apocalypse.

You've huddled in a dank basement for the better part of a month. First there were the rumblings of trucks and tanks, gunshots, explosions. Then more explosions, distant engines, the whine of aircraft. The crackle of flame as fire swept the city. And then the deluge and the flooding in this dank basement, as smoke and ash seeded clouds and the sky wept for the fall of man. And through it all had been the screams. So many screams. And, sometimes, even worse, the low drones and guttural breath of zombies outside the doors. Especially at night, when they see better, but during the overcast and rainy days as well, when the sunlight doesn't sting their eyes and send them scurrying to their

But the food is running out. And, even better, so is the rain. It is time. You must crawl from the wreckage out into the light, and see what can be salvaged. There will still be zombies. Plague, Archangel, whatever it is. But there will be men and women, other survivors. And they may be more dangerous than the plague . . .

You must find shelter - permanent, defensible shelter. You must bring others to your cause. You must find salvage in the wreckage, tools and weapons, and others with knowledge that can help you. Machinists and mechanics, doctors and scholars, warriors, weavers, farmers, everything to rebuild life and carve a bit of comfort for yourselves. Every day take a few steps forward, every night, try to keep from being pushed those few steps back. By the zombies. And by worse things . . .

Drop me a line if you think this sounds interesting. It will be a strategy-based game with plenty of roleplay and horror elements. Could accommodate multiple player either in the same on in different groups.


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