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Costs: free trial for 8 weeks
Frequency: once per week
Type: wargame
Last-Update: 2010Oct01
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, historical, wargame


I am refereeing three WWII tactical simulation campaigns. You play the role of a general or admiral of the nationality of your choice. You plan the movement and tactics for each of your regiments, naval squadrons or air groups. You are responsible for the success or failure of those units on the battlefield. Thousands of military men under your command depend on your skill and cunning. There are several options for the amount of time and effort you wish to commit to this game. Each campaign may play on for several years just like the real war did, but each is divided into more manageable 8-week scenarios. One game turn is played out each week by email. You will be provided with maps, orders of battle, and rules of play as soon as you choose your preferred command. Please specify which nationality and branch of service you prefer, plus whether you prefer historical or non-historical alliances. Your first 8-week scenario is free to play, and after that you may choose whether or not you like the game enough to pay a fee to continue. Please email for game registration or more info.

How the game actually works: You will start in command of just a few regiments, squadrons, and/or air groups. Each has attached assets (specific heavy guns, tanks, planes etc. that make up most of the firepower of a unit), a tactical value (which determines the capabilities of the unit and which increases after surviving combat), a certain amount of manpower, and a supply value. You will be given sets of objectives and an operational zone, marked on a map. You may choose individual movement plans and combat options for each unit in your command. You will write these in an email or draw them on a bitmap. The referee will determine your success and send you a battle report the following week along with your new turn information. After your eight-week free trial, you may, if you wish, pay to continue the game and even get promoted to a greater command, taking charge of an entire army group or fleet, etc. In the non-historical version of the game, players also may choose to take on political roles and determine alliances and grand strategy. In the historical versions of the game, we follow the historic declarations of war and historical objectives, though individual commanders still have a chance to twist fate a bit.


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