Starbase Bravo: Between Hope and Madness

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Last-Update: 2010Aug08
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Starbase Bravo-a Spacedock-Class sim with a twist of H.P. Lovecraft...

Starbase Bravo was built in orbit around Raeya III to promote peace, commerce, and liberty in the Raeyan Sector-the crossroads of the Federation, Klingons, Romulans, and a dozen other interstellar powers. Diplomats come to negotiate, merchants come to trade, explorers come to discover, and drifters merely wander through. All have come to Starbase Bravo to forge lasting peace and prosperity, but all have their own agenda...

The final test of a revolutionary propulsion system held the promise of escape from the Milky Way forever. Instead it opened a doorway to madness. It slashed open a seething ribbon of spacetime, known as The Scar. Garbled messages from the past, present, and possible futures, and messages in unknown languages are heard in its constant subspace static. Ghost ships appear and fade near it, and time flows in strange directions. The Scar's opening has driven some mad with the single desire to enter its maw, and they will stop at nothing to succeed. Cities of the Ancients, dead and covered in the dust of eons, are suddenly awakening from their long slumber, with purpose unknown. Starbase Bravo struggles to keep the curious and The Called away from the Quarantine Zone around The Scar.

Now tensions are on the rise in the Raeyan Sector as those who seek domination sense opportunity. Has the Raeyan Sector become a battleground for ancient titans now awakening from their long slumber? Who or what lies beyond The Scar? Will peace reign in the sector, or will conflict tear it apart? Come join the crew of Starbase Bravo and uncover the terrible secrets The Scar keeps, and change war and ruin to peace and prosperity.

We are in need: * Security Chief * Chief Medical Officer * Marine XO * Ops Chief * Others available (suggest something!)

Current Episode: Diablous Ex Machina A Romulan stealth probe malfunctions and crashes on a remote world. The race is on between the Tal Shiar and the SBB away team to recover it. Meanwhile, A derelict spacecraft is found drifting just outside the C'Hak boarder by a salvage vessel. They discover its crew had been killed by something horrible and SBB sends an away team to investigate. Has the C'Hak plague finally performed the long-expected and dreaded species jump, or is there much more to their deaths?

From the CO: Starbase Bravo is currently aged 18+ forum based game. We strongly emphasize character development and interaction. The mood of SBB is DS9 meets Babylon 5 meets the new Battlestar Galactica meets H.P. Lovecraft. The Raeyan Sector is a troubled area of space and is only further complicated as being the site of something beyond our understanding trying to pierce our universe in the form of The Scar. Things will never be as they seem on the surface and things won't always end well for us. Our characters are ever mindful that this is an area of great strife and our presence is all that stands between peace and total chaos in the region (hence our motto, Between Hope and Madness). I'll try to come up with exciting and complex story lines and throw in twists and turns for you along the way, and give the players every opportunity to grow their characters. Come join us.


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