Dungeon and Dragons 3.5 Campaigns

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Costs: free
Email: johnbuchhalter@yahoo.com
Frequency: every day if desired
URL: http://www.fantasychapters.com [ dead link ]
Type: Fantasy
Last-Update: 2010Aug07
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, mixed, fantasy, rpg


Fantasy Chapters is offering the following games:

Dungeon & Dragons 3.5 campaigns. We literally have dozens of them and one storyteller with over 30 years experience ready to entertain. We have a built in character sheet creator and we use group chat, private chat, forums, and emails to play the campaigns.

Avolon Legends hosted by Joshua Mills is a Fantasy Sci Fi roleplaying game using d100. We also have various online dice to use on the site.

Skill Master is also available by John Capps. He is a award winning creator of roleplaying games. We are lucky to have him host his games at our site. This game uses 2 deck of cards. We also have online card shuffler if you don't have cards at hand.

Calania Adventures is a diceless RPG hosted by Ken Nelson. This game concentrates on storytelling and map sequences. Yes we also have map creators and maps completed to use.

Tolkien's World is based on J.R.R. Tolkiens work transformed into roleplaying games. It is a d6 game and allows you to enter MiddleEarth with a group of dedicated players.

Come join as a member and enjoy the many roleplaying games we have for you!


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