Nocturne's Reign

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Costs: Free
Frequency: As often as desired
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Vampire, Lycan, Modern
Last-Update: 2010Jul30
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, vampire, rpg


As the sun sets, a dark and secret society rises from the depths of shadow, spun of pure terror and mortal nightmares.

In the unassuming city of Fort Collins, Colorado, Vampires and Lycans rule the night, weaving a dangerous web of lies, passion, power, and bloodlust to ensnare the unwary. Locked in their eternal clash for supremacy, they struggle to maintain the precarious balance between staying alive and keeping the brotherhood of blood secret from humans.

In the battle of the cursed, only one species can prevail. Only one race will gain control of... the Nocturne's Reign.


We are currently seeking new members to join this email-based role playing game.

- This RP is rated Mature for violence, language, and some adult themes.

- It is set in modern-era Colorado and features vampires, lycanthropes (werewolves), and humans.

- Play is not based on any one author's universe or storyline, but rather general lore of vampires and lycans.

- Play is primarily done via Yahoo Groups, but we also have a message board forum.

Current Plot: Mysterious abductions of vampires continue throughout the city of Fort Collins, though not without notice. The Master of Denver and his minions now investigate. Rogue Hunters also scour the city, looking for the vampire that slaughtered two patrols of Lycans on the outskirts.

GM: FSF Nightshade

* This game is a member of the Federation Sim Fleet - *


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