USS Yamamoto

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Located along the Romulan Neutral Zone, Obsidian Fleet (Federation 9th Fleet) is tasked with maintaining a strong Starfleet presence and dealing with any threats to the Federation. Even in the face of newly renewed peace talks with the Romulan Star Empire, there are other threats that loom to threaten the Federation. Both Alpha and Beta Quadrants are still in post-Dominion War and more recent Shinzon crisis rebuild. This has allowed rogue factions of the Romulan and Klingon Empires to prosper. Piracy is on the rise.

With resources thinly spread, the Federation interests in both the military and civilian sectors must be maintained. Starfleet has commissioned Task Force 47, under the command of Rear Admiral Kesral Tal, and tasked it with strengthening the Federation's defenses against these threats.

These threats must be dealt with to ensure the continuation of Starfleet's charter: To explore strange new worlds, finding new civilizations and boldly going where no one has gone before!

The Yamamoto and its crew will carry out their duties; Discover and explore strange new regions of space and go before the Federation like never before.

Want To Join?:

We love dedicated writers and we prefer to have better writers then more writers.


So go ahead join, and keep character development and keep inmind we are heading into the unknown and you're comming with us......

We think outside the box here on the Yamamoto, we prefer sensors over phasers, probes over photons, and we have a mission to explore the universe like never before.

Please refer to the SIM rules either in the database or in the SIM rules section in About Us. A writing sample is required and it is a factor in your acceptance. You can be a part of this experience, Join now


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