Stargate Andromeda

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Costs: nil
Frequency: once per week
Email: [ok]
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Stargate
Last-Update: 2010Jul26
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space, wargame, rpg


SGA1 - the next unit of Stargate Command - has been sent to the Andromeda System, after finding an Ancient Starbase orbiting two worlds. Upon arrival at the Starbase, SGA1 find themselves confronted by a new and hostile alien race. The Saggi. Beings that were created and genetically engineered by the Ancients themselves. But the Saggi turned on their creators and now rule the system. They are ruthless,and harvest humanoids as a food source. A Go'auld Mothership also in the system discovers SGA1 and destroys the Starbase, forcing the Unit to abandon it. Unable to return to Earth, they go to one of the worlds and discover a partially submerged ancient starcity. With ingenuity borne of desperation SGA1 manage to eradicate the city's defences and bring it back online.

The new series of Andromeda Gate chronicles the journeys of SGA1, the new Andromeda Team, of Stargate Command, as they explore the Galaxy and thwart the Saggi when they can. The Commanding Officer of the Andromeda is General Roberts. Stargate Command's first To'kra Commander. To explore new civilizations and old, these are the continuing adventures of Starcity Andromeda.

If you are interested in the story of this Stargate Team. Please join us for the adventure. The Andromeda Team are on a Starship built by the Ancients. We are made of Tauri, Jaffa, Tok'ra and many other races. All posts should be in story formatt


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