USS Merrimack -- Deciding Our Fate

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Type: Political Star Trek Drama
Last-Update: 2010Jul20
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The USS Merrimack is a Play-by-Forum simulation that is a part of Bravo Fleet's Task Force 47. Task Force 47 is the newest growing Task Force within Bravo Fleet based in the 'northern' part of known Federation space between the Romulan's and Cardassians in an area known as 'The Gavarian Frontier'. This Frontier also includes a thin, highly contested corridor of neutral space called, 'The Gavarian Corridor'. This is our area of operations, and this is where Task Force 47 fights for Federation interests and survival in a time of political unrest.

In particular, the USS Merrimack is in the heat of things. One of the first ships assigned to the corridor, she is commanded by an old, moody half-Human, half-Bolian woman who has more experience than anyone out there. A feared tactician, a cold diplomat, and a fierce though confident commanding officer, Nithumen Browsden leads her crew across the stars in the Gavarian Frontier, though she originally didn't want to be there.

After facing rogue Cardassian agents trying to hamper Federation efforts of assisting a newly appeared Federation starbase within the Frontier and fighting of rogue Starfleet officers trying to fight for the freedom of a planet that was staged by Romulan agents, Nithumen and her crew have new tasks ahead of them. Nithumen has to deal with politics, while her crew must take to the stars once again and make sure the politics stay fair, and stay protected.

Captain Browsden, along with Captain Jonas Ta'Picchio of the USS Opachia and Ambassador Deven Toro of the Federation Diplomatic Corps, must be the three Federation representatives in the Gavarian Conference, comprising of the quadrant powers who will have any effect or feel any effects of the going-on's in the Frontier. These powers are the Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, Ferengi, and the Breen. With such bad blood between all of these dominant empires, no one really knows how the peace will be kept; and that's not supposing there won't be an assassination attempt on Anticulo IV, the home-base of the Federation presence and the planet of which Kepler Station, the lone Federation starbase orbits.

While Nithumen deals with this, her crew is to protect the system along with the Opachia. Trouble is, when a Ferengi trade convoy calls for help, the Excelsior-class takes flight to help while the Opachia stays back. With the defenses around the system weakened, it now makes it possible for someone to get in undetected.

Events will be unfolding faster than one can see. If you feel you are an active, confident, creative and talented writer that wants to be a part of this action-packed, plot-twisted simulation, then by all means sign up. We especially need a:

Chief Medical Officer Chief of Security and Tactical Chief Diplomatic Officer Chief of the Boat

and many other junior or non-commissioned positions filled.

Join the Merrimack, and help decide the fate of the Federation in the Gavarian Frontier, a frontier that has a chance to be filled with numerous wonders and hidden gems that will forever spark your memory.


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