Campaign for 40+ year olds

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Costs: Free
Frequency: Variable, 36 Hours requested with weekend and holiday exceptions
Type: D&D
Last-Update: 2010Jul12
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, rpg


First, I am sorry for the title of the post, but if you're reading this portion of it, you just might be who I am looking for.

In this post, you will find no fancy campaign background or adventure hooks. Not an elaborated tale of some questionably-pronounced name of some so called hero or the promise of riches beyond your imagination. Instead, I give you a humble calling. A real heart to heart.

In years past, I remember a collective laughter radiating from my living room on a Sunday night. A collection odd faces and personalities just strange enough to call friends. Of course these faces would be replaced with new faces and new personalities as time passed. Mostly male, but sometimes a female would stray into the crowd to see what this "Game" was all about. A tale would be spun, but just for a few nights. No sense in spinning a lengthy adventure when faces change as often as seasons. "Maybe when I'm older, I'll find a group that can commit to meeting on a regular basis. One day."

Did you have feeling similar to this long long ago? I did. Unfortunately, as time moved on, the sessions I participated in grew sparse to the point of extinction. Yet, inside, I still feel the passion for an epic adventure worth telling the next generation of!

Alas, with games such as World of War Craft out in the market, the field of future pen and paper gamers is ultra limited...

Arise, the second coming of the PBeM


I have come to the conclusion that face to face gaming is now out the window. I have moved several times since the days of the table top. All contacts have been extinguished yet I still feel the passion within to deliver a quality adventure to anyone who might participate and listen. Particularly to those who have similar reserves such as mine.


I have set up a forum to run a 3.5 d20 D&D campaign starting at level 1. I'm looking for player who can dedicate this forum as their PRIMARY source of role playing (or next to it with the same level of dedication).

What I need from you:

1. Why are you interested and how would you be an asset to this campaign? 2. What roleplaying experience do you have (Table top, PBeM, etc) 3. Age, Sex, Location 4. Current employment field (or if retired, just reply retired). 5. A bit more about yourself.

I'm aiming for a long term group. Sell yourself. This campaign will not begin until I have the right people.

Lets have a good one.


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Greg Lindahl