Mercenaries of Adventure

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Costs: free
Frequency: one every 1 - 3 days based on player post frequency
Type: fantasy AD&D 1st edition
Last-Update: 2010Jun08
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg


This will be a fairly straight forward AD&D 1st Edition campaign. I intend to run one dungeon crawl type adventure to conclusion (my own creation), and then we may continue on in the same world or begin a new adventure, advancing your characters. I don't require super long descriptive posts, but please at least a complete sentence or two. "I search the room" is not a sufficient post =) Looking for at least 5 players and would like a decent mix of classes. I will not give up on you, so please be committed to completing the adventure as well!


Mercenaries of Adventure

Lightening flashes through the shutters and you hear the loud crack of thunder outside as the tavern door is pushed open. The five of you turn from your drink, curious to see if you employer has finally arrived. A man walks through the door, flanked by two larger men who appear to be guarding him.

He strides up to your table, looking over the group, and drops a large bag of coin on the table. "A third of your payment, up front, as agreed. You might want to leave it somewhere safe, in case you don't return from that cursed place - HAR HAR HAR!!!" The man laughs at his own joke before coughing uncontrollably, lifting a handkerchief to cover his mouth. "Well... good luck then." He turns and walks out of the tavern just as abruptly as he entered.

You peer out of the tavern door as the man leaves - the weather doesn't seem to be getting any better. Taking the last swig of strong ale, you push back your chairs, pick up your coin, and head for the next adventure... the life of a mercenary for hire.


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