Clarke Academy for SuperHeroes

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Costs: free
Frequency: player discretion
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Social Superhero PBEM
Last-Update: 2010Jun03
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, www, human, fantasy, modern, rpg


The only upscale superhero academy in the state of Connecticut, New London's Clarke Academy was founded in 2006 due to a rise in mutant-origin super-powers among area teenagers. Standing across the Long Island Sound from the infamous Millstone Nuclear Power Plant, the presumed cause of most of these mutations, The Clarke Academy strives to turn the lemons of today's genetic restructuring into the lemonade of the future.

Your son or daughter will be taught well in our state-of-the-art facilities, and not just in the core fundamentals of Math, Science, and History that other schools promise .We will also bring them culture, teach them to appreciate literature and art, as well as hone whatever genetic talents they've been gifted with by our "sister across the sound" into useful, well-controlled and more importantly, hidden resources.

Above all else Clarke Academy promotes teamwork, communication, and friendship. And rest assured, thanks to our discriminating tuition requirements, your child is guaranteed only to rub elbows with the very cream of New England's elite. Well equipped, full-service dormitories create tight-knit communities and encourage social interaction and networking, while faculty-supervised afterschool activities promote self-improvement and stable competition.

About CASH: The Game

The Brochure Art, culture, reform, sure we've got that, but if that's why you came here, you're boring, and you should leave now. CASH isn't about the brochure, it's about spoiled rich kids with superpowers locked up together on a sprawling campus and more or less allowed to run wild. We promote conflict, drama, and sex, actively.

The Ruleset CASH uses a custom ruleset devised by the core four, the founders of Clarke Academy PBEM. This is a "Social RPG," but that doesn't mean we don't have fighting, dice rolls, and a traditional RPG style character development system. Pick a fight with the biggest guy you can find and give your superpowers a chance to shine, or make his life miserable with your secondary social skills. Earn XP by posting; earn bonuses for fighting, starting trouble, getting laid or anything else we find especially entertaining. Level your character and do with it as you will.

Structure (Why This PBEM Will Last) Tired of PBEMs that die off in a month, a week, a day? That's because they had GMs that weren't ornery control freaks like me. CASH is more or less an open world, allowing you to do what you want, when you want, but that doesn't mean GM involvement isn't minimal. In fact, I would go as far as to call it maximal. I rule this game with an iron fist, poking and prodding at the characters and story to create the most amount of entertainment per word count you'll find on the market today.

How do I do it? Simple. First, you earn XP by posting. It's not a flat rate either, you will be scored on three separate categories; Drama, Sociability, and Originality. This system rewards active and quality story-telling. Second, a mission system unique to CASH. Earn bonus XP by picking up secret missions from me. Fight this character, make a pass at this character, fake your own death, they could be anything. Dynamically designed single player missions keep the game moving, as well as interesting. You will have friends in this game, and enemies, or I'm not doing my job.

Anything Goes All things being equal, CASH is about fun. We created this PBEM because we were tired of dry, poorly populated PBEMS with no sense of direction or purpose. Sure, we have no direction or purpose either, but dry is the last thing you'll call us. We're going nowhere, but we'll be dripping with sweat when we get there.


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