Dawn - Birthright PBeM

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Costs: nil
Email: lindblom@brpbem.net
Frequency: strategy part: once every two weeks, role-play: as often as you want.
URL: http://brpbem.net [ dead link ]
Type: fantacy, role-play, wargame, diplomacy, strategy
Last-Update: 2010Jun02
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, www, human, fantasy, wargame, rpg


Dawn is a PBeM in the Birthright world. The characters made for the game is in 3.5e D&D (all relevant rules can be found on the webside, both for character generation and otherwise).

Communications are made by email and/or web. There is both a strategic element to the game, as well as roleplaying aspects. One rules a domain, which can be a realm, an orgisation and so on, and guilding that domain onwards is done by "turns" and "action".

Each delivery will be one domain action (aka one month) ingame. Inbetween the turn deliveries there will be roleplaying in the aspects of diplomacy, planing for wars and so on. There is also a lot of role-playing going on in the "social" bits of the game for those who wish, like Balls, turneys, parties and the like.

There is ingame "news" telling you what is happening in the world at any time, and no doubt a lot of people throwing in their own views on matters.

In the game one can expect to find intrigue, politics, wars, adventures and more.

Visit us at http://brpbem.net to learn more.


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