Trolls Bottom

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Costs: Free
Frequency: Once per week
Type: Fun Fantasy
Last-Update: 2010Jun01
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, computer, fantasy, wargame, rpg


This is a rework of an old KJC game that became lost in time.

Trolls Bottom was a very popular PBM game that involved a bunch of trolls on an island, eating, fighting digging, scheming, sneaking and generally struggling to be the lone survivor of Trolls Bottom!

NPCs also inhabit the island along with mysterious locations and special items.

Original extract from the rulebook here:

On the island of Trolls Bottom there are 200 holes and less than a quarter of this number of trolls. This would prove no difficulty if it were not for the fact of a troll's nature GREED!). It is greed that leads this strange, twilight creature to go about shouting, stomping, and generally being UNPLEASANT to one and all. It is greed that encourages him to sneak and investigate, and steal if he gets the chance. It is greed that leads him to rob, run and kill for his meals. The trolls of Trolls Bottom have each, only one companion, that of a King Vulture. So close des this companionship become, that the birds answer to their individual names given to them by the trolls. It is said that if the troll's vulture is killed, then the troll himself will slowly and sadly starve himself and perish, such is the bond between them. It is of benefit to both sides though that this companionship be successful, for wings are far swifter than feet (and certainly quieter), and a troll can learn so much more from half a day of the vultures flight than he could by himself. The vulture is rewarded for any information he brings back of course, with the troll's left-dyers (a vulture's delight). A troll's life may sound repetitive but never dull, for if he is not digging, he is hunting, and if he is not hunting then he is tunneling, and if he is not tunneling then he is munching or grunting (or both), and if he is not doing any of these things (nor sneaking or stealing either), then he is up to something far more dangerous potions? magic rings? mushrooms? Perhaps while making his holes he has come across one of thee items and is studying it? Playing with it? Perhaps even thinking about USING it! Then beware...

I re-wrote the game just for fun, and now host the occasional game for free for nostalgic reasons.

We are starting the next game on June 3rd, so if you want to play simply drop me an email at with a name for your troll and his pet vulture!


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