A Voice in the Dark

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Costs: None
Email: VoxVocixAtrum-owner@yahoogroups.com
Frequency: Minimum of once per week, often more
URL: http://avoxvocixinatrum.webs.com/ [ dead link ]
Type: Anita Blake-verse, original characters only
Last-Update: 2010May28
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, vampire, rpg


"Miami was in the hands of the same Master of the City for two and a half centuries. Thanks to an assassin's bullet, that has changed.

Kiyoshi, an extremely powerful vampire trained by the Council to be one of their most efficient tools in the world outside, has rebelled against her masters. Sired by Marmee Noir herself, Kiyoshi has the potential to take a seat at the Council, by force if necessary. Her ultimatum: give her the city of Miami as her own, or she would do exactly that. The Council saw the wisdom of allowing her to take a seat of power in Miami, and not with them.

She has been in power a month, and nary a word has been heard from her camp. When she makes her move, what direction will it be in? What new intrigues will be set in motion?

Now, the city is settling into a new rhythm. It's a tenuous balance. The wolves have a new Ulfric, after discovering that their former leader was in on the conspiracy to murder the Master of the City. The lions have a new Rex, though he is familiar to the pride. R.P.I.T. has a new captain, but dissension is breeding in their ranks. The traditional allegiance between the Big Cypress Seminole tribe and the wolf pack is about to be tested.

Will there be all out war between shifters? How will the vampires make themselves known in the city? Will the city of Miami know peace, or will it be torn apart in a series of preternatural battles?"

Ours is an open-ended game in which the rules of the Anita Blake universe (authored by Laurell K. Hamilton) are followed. All characters are original, and story-telling tends to be fairly organic. We the moderators have set up a plot-line that affects in-game events, but character reactions are not controlled by us. Players are welcome to develop their own story lines and run with them, with moderator approval. Character interaction is encouraged - obviously, otherwise what would the point of being in one of these games be?

We seek all manner of shifters, vampires, and humans to populate our game. Alpha and beta shifters of the following flavors are encourage above all others: rat, leopard, wolf, lion. More exotic or rare shifter types will be considered, but are not likely to be approved due to the need for those four core groups to be filled out. Humans, psychically talented or not, are always welcome. R.P.I.T. generally operates at full-strength, though police officers can be written. Non-master vampires and master vampires will be considered, though more preference will be given to non-master vampire characters due to needing to flesh out the kiss.

This is a group of mature writers, writing mature content. This necessitates that all members be over the age of 18. Membership is further contingent on passing a short quiz proving your knowledge of the Anita Blake universe. All character biographies must be approved by the moderators before posting to the in-game board, and membership of the OOC board is also a requirement.

Our website is at http://avoxvocixinatrum.webs.com/ Our main board is at https://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/VoxVocixAtrum/info Our OOC board is at https://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/VoxVocixLuxLucis/info


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