The Stars: Your Destination

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Type: Science Fiction, Cyberpunk, Character-based
Last-Update: 2010Apr19
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space, rpg, abstract


Very little history has been filled in yet because there should be maximum scope for filling these things in later through interactions, it will gradually be created in game by players.

So choose yourIt has been 23 years since the war ended between the Outer Satelites (Io,Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, Rhea, Titan, Lassel) and the Inner planets (Venus,Mars, Earth and it's moon). No longer able to take advantage of mining Jupiter and Saturn for a limitless supply of gasses Earth lost and had to pay reparations, leaving most of it even more of a slum than ever before. Still, the rich get by as well as ever of course.

Relations have finally settled back down to a state where ships can go out there and trade but there is still some bad blood. It's an interesting time where the future could hold anything, and yet people feel about as bleak as ever.

This is just a starting point for a game I want to co-create with players, I will GM to the extent of creating adventures and unexpected events for the characters to go through when they aren't creating their own subplots between them, but it will be more freeform than a formal rpg.

Very little history has been filled in yet because there should be maximum scope for filling these things in later through interactions, it will gradually be created in game by players. I only need four things from ya to join right now:

1) Name:

2) Planet and Place of Origin :- Venus - Now a dense rainforest,

Places of Origin on Venus (so far, feel free to suggest an alternative) City - The cities of venus are generally build up around space ports as the rainforests are very dense and hard to move through by foot or in any vehicles. Venus has been the main source of raw materials since the war, and of course home of the logging industry.

Wilds - Venusians from the wilds are instantly recognisable by their dark green hair and skin, shortly after the terraformation was successful enough to move inhabitants genetic experiments were attempted to make human skin photosynthesise to lessen the demand for food, some of them were successful. Wild Venusians still have to eat but can go longer without food in the snlight, they fatigue easier the further they live from the sun and often get "home sick" for a warmer climate. Hardly any Venusians from the Wilds integrate with wider human culture as they don't speak standard, but it is not known for some to be happened upon at a young age by foresters or miners, lost to their tribe, and brought back to the cities.

City but descended from the Wilds - This is less uncommon, people who have a parent or a grandparent from the wilds or descended from the wilds but live in the city still have light green skin and a shade of green through a regular colour of hair. The tend to be comparably tender and sleight but very nimble, and should they get their hands on one, quick and accurate with a blaster.

Earth - Surely you know this one

Places of Origin on Earth - Just pick a continent :-)

The Moon - This place has no atmosphere. Literally. Everyone on the Moon still lives in big habitation domes that had to be rebuilt after the war. It's clinical, but some say it beats many of the slums on earth, most people who live there work on the sciences but people also go there to trade or to stock up if they have ships that are too heavy to take the gravity on Earth so thre is a fair amount of throughfare and everything that goes with it.

Places of Origin on the Moon - If you were born on the the Moon you were born in the last 20 years since it was effectively reinhabited, so you're likely to be the child of a scientist, administrator or military person, etc.

You could have also moved there to work for a while in which case you could be a former merchant, barman, heavy, labourer (someone has to fill up cargo holds, lets face it.)

Skoptsy Colony - This was bumped from The Stars - My Destination by Alfred Bester. Before the war there was a Skoptsy Colony on the moon, they live "without pleasure, without pain." Some have migrated their way back there and grouped together again, others still take the operation to join the (mad?) cult.

Mars - Formerly just a big hunk of Iron, now a big hunk of iron terraformed into a habitable planet. Bearly. The VCRT (Vegetation Conservation Risk Termination) law is still enforced in most urban and all rural (if you can call them that) areas. It's a capital offense to endanger or destroy any plant essential to the terraforming effort so there are no need for "Keep of the Grass" signs, people don't need any reminding that the penalty is being shot on the spot. I have made up little or nothing for Mars so far, so if you want to make up an entirely new cultural background for your character go ahead but make sure to limit it a continent or part of mars.

3) Occupation Current/Former/Both:

4) Character Background: At least a few paragraphs, a page will do.

email me at:

I'm Antony by the way :-)


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