Fantasy Trek

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Costs: Are you kidding? It's FREE
Frequency: As often as you can
Type: PBEM/RPG/Text-Based MMORPG
Last-Update: 2010Apr10
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, www, mixed, startrek, wargame, rpg


Have you ever wanted a Star Trek game that took in all aspects of Trek? Strategic multi-fleet deployement in a long-term campaign. Fleet versus enemy fleet. Ship-to-ship combat. Boarding parties facing off in the heat of battle. Starships in deadly cat and mouse orbital combat. Troops on the ground defending planets from ruthless enemies. And, of course, solid story-telling that has always been at the heart of Star Trek. Fantasy Trek is all of that and more. Using your unique skills in the Trek universe, whether they are tactical or strategic combat or problem-solving and RPG story-telling, you contribute to a no-limits perpetual Star Trek universe. There is no cost, no software to install, and no minimum system requirements. Fantasy Trek is an imagination-based PBEMMORPG(Play By Email Massively Multiplayer Online RolePlaying Game) that uses maps and online documents (available at, email, simple rules, and common six-sided dice (or a random number generator, also available at

Fantasy Trek is still gaining new levels and ways to play, but it has the potential to be a Star Trek game like you've never played before, because it is as intense and detail-oriented or casual as you like. It combines the idea of a writing/role-playing group with a quick-start, easy set-up dice-rolling game like Starfleet Battles. The more you play, the more experience points you get, and the better ship and more elite crew you command. While it is intended to be email-based, single-player rules are always included


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