End of Empires

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Costs: currently free
Email: gamemaster@endofempires.com
Frequency: one per week
URL: http://www.endofempires.com [ dead link ]
Type: alternate history world war 2 game
Last-Update: 2010Apr06
Keywords: free, closed-ended, www, mixed, historical, wargame, gui


25 years have past since the Kaiser of Germany won World War I What is End of Empires? End of Empires is an Epic Multiplayer Online Strategy Game based on an Alternate World War II, where the Empires of Germania, Austria-Hungary, Russia and the Ottoman still stand after a Central Powers victory in the Great War 25 years earlier.

There are absolutely NO preset alliances at game start. Players can ally with or make war upon any other Empire in the Game!

Players control all facets (economical, military, diplomatic, technological, public relations) of one of ten Empires in a bid to become the first world power of the post-war age. Turns are submitted weekly to the Game Master who processes results complete with 'Newspaper' commentary of developments in the war. Each game of EoE features:

*10 Playable Empires *5 Different Technology Tiers *16 Turns of Gameplay *10 Different Combat Units to Command *40 Non-Player Entities to Coerce, Defend, or Conquor *3 Income Streams to Manage

Game Objective The objective of End of Empires is to create an interactive gaming environment where players make epic command decisions of an Alternate Second World War. Sounds like a lot of BS - but, truthfully, the goal of End of Empires is to be the best multiplayer online strategic game around - and, with your support, participation, and feedback, we can meet that goal.

In End of Empires, players play the role of a World Leader in an Alternate Second World War - be it President, Premier, Prime Minister, King, or Emperor - in all cases, they are the sole leader of their respective major power. Via turns submitted weekly, players control all facets of their Empire - from economics to espionage, trade pacts to technological research, and winning public support to waging all out war. The difference being, in this Alternate War, there are no 'bad guys' or 'good guys.' Every Player is on their own and able to make alliances and wage war with any other power in the world. This open-ended war allows for interesting developments (such as a Canadian/United States front and an Anglo-German Alliance) to make each game different.

Successful coordination of its many facets will prove critical in the success of your Major Power in the war. Not only will internal coordination be the key but also working with Allied nations (when such alliances are wrought) will often determine if a campaign will be a success or failure. Therefore, communication and planning with your allies will play an integral part of End of Empires, making the gaming system truly interactive, as you and your fellow World Leaders work together (or subvert one another) to be triumphant in the end!

**now recruiting playtesters!!**


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