Task Force Gamma

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Costs: Hosting fees, couple bucks a year at most
Frequency: Daily or more
Email: enochpc@scinternet.net
URL: http://taskforcegamma.com [ dead link ]
Type: Forum base simm
Last-Update: 2010Mar03
Keywords: free, free-moderation, open-ended, email, www, human, startrek, rpg


Task Force Gamma is now recruiting!

Do you love Star Trek, love to write, love scifi, or all of the above? Then Task Force Gamma is for you!

Task Force Gamma is set just after the Dominion War, as Starfleet begins deep exploration of the Gamma Quadrant. We currently have plans for simms from other Era's including Enterprise and TOS, with the possibility of a JJ Abrams era simm down the road.

We currently have two ships with active simms going, and a station/ship simm ready to launch. The Task Force is led by the USS Hartington, an Ambassador class starship Captained by David Brennon. The second vessel in the fleet is the USS Guardian, an Excelsior class starship Captained by Marek. We are currently in the final stages of launching the first Federation station in the Gamma Quadrant, DS27, and it's ship, the USS Archer, Hannibal class.

We have a multitude of positions available, from Petty officer up through Lieutenant to start, with many opportunities for advancement. Just a few positions available Chief Medical Officer Chief Engineer Junior officers in all sections, Medical, Engineering, Security/Tactical, Flight Ops, Command

We are open to almost all races in the series, although we have some limitations for storyline sakes, but if you can back up your idea with a good story and plausible explanation then exceptions can be made.


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