EverWood Races

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Costs: free
Frequency: weekly
Email: silverskyranch@cox.net
URL: http://everwoodraces.freeforums.org/ [ dead link ]
Type: fantasy horse-racing sim
Last-Update: 2010Feb20
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, rpg, sports


To the humans, the vast forest on the edge of thier "civilized" lands is known as the FaeWood, but to the elves, fairys, trolls, satyrs, and other "faefolk" who live there, it is known as "EverWood". For as long as even the elves can remember, swift, study ponys have roamed the vast forest. The elves have captured and tamed a number of these ponys, which they call Shee Ponys. Each year, the best and fastest ponys were raced along courses that tested thier speed, strength, endurance and agility to destermine which ponys were the best of the best. Recently, human nobles have learned of these ponys and a few even managed to aquire some. Now a group of human nobles, in cooperation with a few elven lords, have began a racing league dedicated to these magnificent ponys. They call this league, the EverWood Races.....

EverWood races is a forum-based fantasy horse racing sim where players can breed and race special "Shee Ponys", as well as interrect with each other as thier stable owners, riders, stable-hands, or even as thier ponys!


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