Sixth-Fleet: USS Hyperion NCC-7438-F

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Type: Star Trek PBeM RPG
Last-Update: 2010Feb06
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Once in a generation, a group of brave individuals step forward to defend the ideals of Humanity. They boldly seek out new life and civilisations. They defend the ideals of peace, prosperity, and freedom through the hard work and sacrifices they pay each day. Their names go down in history. Scholars revere them. Poets write epics of their struggle, their philosophy, their place in history.

Archer Kirk Picard Sisko Janeway

The crew of the USS Hyperion are the next flag bearers and torch carriers in a long line of Starfleet's finest.

They selflessly carry out the ideals of the United Federation of Planets, happy in the knowledge that they are making a difference.

Friendships are born, compassionate acts are performed, and history is made.

Join one of Sixth Fleet's most prestigious crews in their journey of excitement, adventure, and achievement.

Show the universe that your name is worthy of inclusion on the Honour Roll of Legends.

To explore what we have to offer take a look at our website and fleet wiki.


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