Survival Of The Horniest

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Costs: Free
Frequency: Usually Daily
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Fantasy, D&D 3.5, Adult, Sexual / Erotic Themes Allowed, Sandbox Game
Last-Update: 2010Jan31
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, rpg


This is a //Sandbox// Game. As such, it is both open ended, possibly multiple groups of PCs, etc.

Please don't apply if you are expecting something linear determined by the DM. :P


#1 - Have fun. ;)

#2 - Don't jump into other's people threads without a DM's (or the player's) permission. You are all in different locations, doing different things, and likely doing it at different points in time.

#3 - Respect other player's kink limits. For those engaged in non-con, it is assumed anything not on your No list is fair game unless you state otherwise.

#4 - Don't be an asshole.

#5 - No modifier should exceed triple your level.

Character Generation Info

Starting Level: 6 (minimum XP for level)

Stat Generation: 4d6, Re-Roll 1s, Take 3

Wealth: Standard WBL

Variant Rules In Effect

Gestalt - You may take up to 4 Levels worth of LA as if they were your first level or two of Gestalt.

For example: Level 1 - LA 1 / LA 2 Level 2 - LA 3 / LA 4 Level 3 - Fighter / Wizard Level 4 - Fighter / Wizard Level 5 - Fighter / Wizard Level 6 - Fighter / Wizard

1 Trait - Needs to be a distinctive personality trait. You are not limited to that list, although any Homebrew traits must be approved and will beposted in the Accepted Homebrew thread.

3 Flaws - You are not limited to that list, although any Homebrew traits must be approved and will beposted in the Accepted Homebrew thread. Mainly to allow you to round out your feats since Gestalt tends to be feat heavy.

Craft Points - Who wants to actually spend time crafting IC? Crafting points can only be spent in a town or city and only during downtime.

LA Buy Off - You may buy off up to 2 LA. Once at level 6th, once at level 9. Unless, you only took 1 level of LA. :P

Book of Vile Darkness - Pain as power, Souls as Power, and Sacrifice are in effect.

Heroes of Horror - Taint (but the highest you can go to 'resist' taint is 9-12)

A Note on NPCs NPCs will behave as they if they are intelligent, thinking creatures. In other words, there is no such thing as 'ecounter level', etc. If you piss off someone who can kill, rape, and/or otherwise abuse you...they will. No matter how unfair it may be.


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