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Costs: Free
Frequency: every day
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Sword & Sorcery
Last-Update: 2010Jan21
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, www, human, fantasy, economic, rpg


Welcome to Morashitar a open end PbEM and website game. Unlike most fantasy games to where you just adventure blind through dungeons this game allows you to be able to select a leader of a higher level that will run his or her own empire. You will be able to construct buildings, learn spells, build armies, adventure in dungeons, ruins, or wilderness, hire mercenaries, escort damsels in distress, have a protector, create alliances, participate in deep campaigns, and create new towns and castles.

In this roleplaying game you can choose from over 20 races and classes or even create your own race if you wish. Also you will be able to choose a banner and a region that will represent your empire.

This game is easy to learn and you play against the Gamemaster, In otherwords there is no computer answering to your moves each day. Each day you receive 5 turns to where the Gamemaster will adjust to your commands.

With this game there is a free novel to enjoy or if you don't feel like reading there are over 15 roleplaying arcade games to enjoy free.

To begin simply go to and register.

The official game begin is on March 1st 2010 and should be a ongoing process of adding more campaigns and adventures each week.

The Gamemaster truly seeks warm hearted long-term relations with his players that will participate in the game and even offer suggestions or material to make the game more interesting.

There is also a two chat room possiblities, forum, and blog to use while playing the game.

May you find the courage and curiosity to visit

and register with us. :)


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