Pathfinder - World of Golarion (TEST GAME)

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Costs: Free, requires gmail account
Frequency: Varies but max of 5 days between DM posts
Type: Fantasy RPG using Pathfinder Rules
Last-Update: 2010Jan08
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg


Hello All! So first things first, the words TEST GAME probably caught your attention. What makes this a test game is the environment I'm going to use. I plan to run this game using Google Wave. Its new and different and it seems ideal for running just this sort of game. I've been using yahoogroups for AGES but I think I've finally found something that is more flexible and robust...not sure yet though. So, I'm looking for gamers who want a PBM and are open to testing this environment as part of the experience. If you want in, send me an e-mail and I'll send you an invite to Google Wave. You can find demo's on Youtube (search on Google Wave) if you want to see it before you get in.

About the game:

Pathfinder Rules from Paizo. Starting Lvl: 1st. Character creation: Point Buy, you have 15 pts to spend. Character Traits (core ones) are available. You get a free feat for a good (interesting and compelling) character background. Campaign style is episodic. Emphasis on RP and good writing. Prefer everyone to be 18 or older as adult themes could be encountered. This is Pathfinder only rules for now. I won't be slipping in any 3.5 books (like the Complete books) at this time. Its ok if you don't own the books, I will help you with character creation if you need it. If you want to send a character along with you request for a google wave account that will certainly expedite your entry into the game.

As far as flavor text for the game....

"It was a dark and stormy night..." or "I got a bad feeling about this..." :-) I'll save that for the players who join the game! Thanks and I hope to read you soon.



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