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Costs: Free
Email: GetCreativePeople@gmail.com
Frequency: Every 3 days
Type: Appocalyptic Survival
Last-Update: 2010Jan05
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, modern


It is 2052. Technology has advanced only slightly from the present day. In 2047 the goverment instigates a group of scientists working for a company called GROGAN to create a super soldier serum. After 15 failed clinical studies, one solider rises back from the dead and creates the now terrible Zombie Appocalypse.

In 2050 a group of survirors create "Genesis" the last standing city in America, located right in the heart of Seattle. The city is slowly evolving everyday with new technology and defenses. But the Zombies only get smarter as they mutate with their age...

You will be creating a new survivor that has just stumbled into Washington state en-route to Genisis. Also with you are multiple other survivors.

Create a human character with: Name - Gender - Age (Must be older than 16) - Race - Weight -Previous Occupation (What line of work they were in before 2047) -Primary Talent (Guns, Athletics, Medical, Driving, ect...) -Secondary Talent (Same as above, only not as "strong") -Backpack filled with reasonable items.

You may include a backstory, and your character may have a pet or child with them who you will also "control". You cannot make multiple adults.

This is based off a story that I have already written, but the characters will all be replaced by YOU. So this is competely open-ended. Also there are a few story plot lines that I will keep true but other than those everything else can be changed (such as new companys, new events, new NPCs, new towns, ect.)


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