Chronicles of Indur

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Costs: Free!
Frequency: As frequently as you can post, or as much as you can stop by.
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Type: fantasy, play by post, desert, medieval,
Last-Update: 2009Nov28
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, rpg, abstract


-- the plot:.

A continent once comprised of verdant fields, fragrant meadows, and lush forests, Indur has since fallen to the ravages of an ever-expanding desert for the past century. Powerful kingdoms have crumbled, lost to the antiquities of time, leaving behind naught but city-states to stand as the last bastions of civilization. A barren, rocky landscape dominates the majority of the continent now, intermittently broken in upon by a vast sea of sand dunes.

Upon the first influx of Kyther, a racist term for beings who have been transported from another world or plane of existence onto this one, diseases spread like wildfire across the continent. Many Indurians have since perished, and while most are now protected by a magical tattoo that carries with it religious importance, hatred and spite for the Kyther nevertheless remains. Indur is a place where magic is by and large feared and mistrusted, with any creature that is obviously not a native being ostracized and prejudiced against. The Kyther are constantly met with societal setbacks, be it cultural imperialism, cultural appropriation, indentured servitude, or hate-crimes.

Even after 126 years, the cause for the desert that blights the land, as well as the appearance of Kyther, remains a mystery. Brave heroes constantly set off on quests out into the desert in an attempt to discover the answer and perhaps return with a cure, with few ever to be seen or heard from again. Meanwhile, political and social struggles continue to thrive in the city-states, a constant power-play taking place between the nobles, the commoners, and the downtrodden Kyther.

Other notes:

-- what we have to offer:.

! A setting that is fleshed out, yet not fully explored. There is plenty of elbow room for members to create and contribute their own write-ups to become canon content. If a member has an awesome idea for something, we will gladly welcome it with open arms and work it into the site if at all possible.

! A dynamic environment that focuses on allowing the players to have a direct impact on the setting and fellow members.

! The option for any race and type of character to be played so long as it is original.

! Realm Drifters (also called Kyther). Players may bring over any character of theirs' from another setting into CoI so long as said character is original.

! Friendly staff members who realize the internet is not "serious business", and more than happy to mix things up and RP with everyone.

! A fun and friendly community always eager to greet the latest newcomer, and hash out some great storylines.


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