Star Trek: KNIGHTS

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Type: PBeM, Action, RPG
Last-Update: 2009Nov24
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Star Trek KNIGHTS is a PBeM RPG set in the Star Trek universe twenty years after Shinzon's failed coup attempt.

We endeavor to bring high quality writers together in a effort to create a brilliant writing unit for members to flex their creative muscles and develop their characters. Furthermore, we strongly encourage hard core science fiction writers to bring their unique ideas of the future and to explore them.

I invite you to join us and experience this exciting writing environment for yourself.

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The year is 2400, the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire with the Alpha Quadrant Trade and Protection Agreement (AQuaTP) have secured a stable and prominent power position in the Alpha Quadrant; free from any threat of invasion. But while the two superpowers were focused on securing their borders from outside threats, the Orion Syndicate silently grew bigger and stronger within their space. And in a time when the Alpha Quadrant should be enjoying peace and prosperity, the Orion Syndicate are fanning the embers of old animosities into engulfing flames. Terrorism in the 25th century has become a booming industry. Weapons, technology, and expertise flow freely in the black market highway. Pirates and raiders attack, pillage, and vanish into the abyss before security forces of individual planets can organize and combat the threat. Crime lords and dictators are emerging louder and stronger. The democratic planetary members of the United Federation of Planets along with Starfleet are desperately struggling to keep the growing disorder from spinning out of control.

On the frontline of this war are the KNIGHTS, codename to Starfleet's Special Missions Unit (SMU) of the 1st Special Warfare Group in the 6th Fleet. They are the vanguard of Starfleet's military technology and the last line of defense from catastrophic disasters. Composed of the best and the brightest crew from all over Starfleet and armed with the state of the art weaponry and equipment, the KNIGHTS are ready to engage the threat at a moment's notice where ever it may emerge. And meanwhile they operate in absolute secrecy and answer only to the most senior Starfleet staff, their combined courage and vigilance have saved the lives of millions.

Yet even now a new enemy awaits in the dark. Able to strike where ever and when ever he pleases, bound by only hatred and ambition. An enemy greater than any the KNIGHTS have ever faced!

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