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Costs: free
Frequency: every 4 days
Email: [ok]
Type: fantasy
Last-Update: 2009Nov20
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg


Three major races of humans inhabit the area. The first to arrive were the shortish and slightly dark peoples of Lazikus, Alberi, Characene and Attegalkar. Their histories are lost to you. Centuries ago, northern "Germanic" peoples arrived; whether they came from Falohyr or to Falohyr is matter of contention. These are the same stock of humans prevalent in Arduin and Vruelandia to the north. From Falohyr, they spread to the south and formed the kingdom of Tempe. The Tempan kingdoms (north, south, and west) survived in various incarnations until the tumultuous events of some 50 years ago. (The former Tempan kingdoms are now known as Asur. Hamadan, and Machelon.)

The Moabians at that time had united under the passion of a new religion. The new religion followed the. teachings of an obscure Prophet who, among other things, railed against the practice of magic, provoked great mistrust toward non-humans, and was intolerant of other religions. The Moabian religions did not have clerics, but it did follow saints. The Moabians formed a vast host to spread their religion. The Moabian army overwhelmed Boaka and Namorand and converted many there to its cause. As its ranks swelled, it rolled though Morvaen, whose king wisely acknowledged the new religion and let the army pass through to Falohyr. The Moabians split their forces: some besieged the major Falohyrian cities while the rest rushed on. Southern Falohyr eventually fell, although its capital, Kreuzer, never did. Lazikus was conquered after much effort, as was Characene, Krizig and Alberi. The Moabians then turned their attention to Tempe and won decisively in several major battles in w hat is now Asur.

The Moabians did riot long hold sway over the area. Many returned home, tired of nearly eight years of campaigning. Others continued the battle unsuccessfully into the mountains seeking to subdue the humanoids and barbarians who lived there? Revolts were common and had to be suppressed. The final blow however, was the treachery of their Morvaenian and Characene allies. The Morvaenians, in particular, struck the decisive blow when they ambushed an army, seized its provisions, and closed communications with Moab.

For forty years since the Moabian conquerors have gradually declined in power, losing a battle to attrition. This is the scenario that now faces you. Welcome to the Southlands


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